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Carbon Black TechZone Overview

Welcome to VMware Carbon Black Tech Zone, your fastest path to understanding, evaluating, and deploying VMware Security Solution. Tech Zone's mission is to bring you insightful and accurate guidance on VMware Security solutions by breaking down the silos. Our goal is to consolidate all interconnected pieces of technical content into one single platform.

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What is VMware Carbon Black Cloud?

VMware Carbon Black Cloud is a cloud-native endpoint and workload protection platform. It breaks down the siloes into one, unified platform with interconnected use cases that allows you to prevent, detect, respond, and identify risk in a unified manner. VMware Carbon Black Cloud helps you advance your security wherever you are on your journey, and because it is a cloud-native platform, it can easily grow and scale with you. Once you've deployed one module on the platform you can quickly and easily deploy additional modules, as your needs evolve.


What Kind of Content is on Carbon Black Tech Zone?

VMware Carbon Black Tech Zone fits neatly into the larger picture of security resources at VMware. By focusing on practical product guidance, Carbon Black Tech Zone is able to complement traditional VMware security resources by providing a single pane of glass for all your security resources.


At VMware Carbon Black Tech Zone, we've made it our mission to provide you with a single platform to surface internal and external technical content. It is a single pane of glass that'll help you tap into security resources - A single platform that will help you understand what's happening in your network.

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Content Types

The content on Tech Zone comes in five basic formats:

  • Blogs
  • Guides
  • Videos
  • Pages
  • Tools

The following diagram explains which resources answer your fundamental questions, and which format each resource takes.

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Our Solution Framework

How are we executing?

The below solution framework helps you understand our foundation strategy.

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How Do I Navigate VMware Tech Zone?

The easiest way to navigate through Tech Zone is by using the top navigation menu:

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1. Start - Expand the Start menu to access the featured content, with curated product and solution activity paths that provide a variety of resources to guide you from beginner to expert. 
2. Endpoint - Find out all about the Cloud-Native endpoint protection that combines prevention and automated detection to defend against today’s advanced cyber attacks from a single agent and console.
3. Workload- Find out everything you ever wanted to know about Workload protection must span virtual machines, containers and serverless workloads in public and private clouds. Carbon Black Cloud delivers security across endpoints and workloads through a single unified platform. Review this page to learn more about Workloads and Containers.
4. Blog- Share best practices, opinions, and threat intelligence with fellow security practitioners to improve their security posture and help combat threats.
5. Demos-Explore the latest VMware tools designed to get empower your security team through testing tools and guided demonstrations.
6. Advanced Search - Use the VMware Tech Zone search engine to zero in on what you want to know. To begin, enter keywords into the search bar. Then filter results by specific components, levels of understanding, and type of resource.
7. Communities- Listen in as experts from the field tackle top-of-mind technical topics.
8. Log in - Use your VMware Cloud Service Portal ID (also known as MyVMware ID, or Partner ID) to sign in for access to features that improve your experience (see more about this below).

The Resource Bar

For fast access to several of our key assets and features, we also have the Resource Bar. Click the M&M's to be taken directly to your destination

Don’t miss TechZone’s Browse icon

If you want to search through TechZone by topic, and you don’t want to bother with filters, then all you’ve got to do is click the Browse icon. Browse opens a view that allows you to filter TechZone by topic, filtering out the content you aren’t interested in. It's also available on every search results page, giving you even more powerful ways of honing in on the content you need.

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Log In to Access Even More Features

We strongly encourage you to log in to VMware Tech Zone. You won’t get more content, that’s always free to everyone but you will get access to features that improve your experience. There’s no new ID’s or passwords to remember, you simply use your existing VMware ID. The same one you use to get support or download products.

Here's a list of some of the amazing features available when you sign in:

  • Pins - Pin your favorite assets and keep them in one handy location.
  • Rate content - Let us know which assets you found helpful. 
  • Share - Share your favorites through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or good old-fashioned email. 
  • RSS feed - Subscribe to the RSS feed and never miss another update. Get notified as soon as new content is published. 
  • Feedback - Submit a comment or send feedback to suggest an improvement. 
  • History - Keep tabs on your browsing, sharing, and search history so you can easily find that asset. You can also view which assets you have rated. 
  • Email updates - Option to subscribe to a weekly email to get the latest updates direct to your inbox.
  • Messages - When things change we will notify you of the important stuff.
  • My Company - See what others at your company are consuming.

Carbon Black TechZone Evolution

Here at Tech Zone, we're constantly rolling out changes and site improvements. So, our site can change from day today.

But we don't believe in change just for the sake of change. Instead, your needs drive our evolution. All iterations of this site are intended to help make the most relevant, need-to-know information as accessible as possible. Thank you for your patience as we grow.

To stay up to date with the latest changes to the site, check out our Monthly What's New Digest


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