What's New Monthly Digest for VMware Carbon Black

October 27, 2021

Do you ever get tired of looking for content that is spread out all over the place? Have you ever wondered, "Why isn't content discovery made simple, that'll help me get to what I need in one single place?" Well, we acknowledge that finding the right content resource within a massive content platform like Tech Zone is challenging at times.

I’m a Content Strategist for the VMware Carbon Black Tech Zone platform, and I spend hundreds of hours along with my Technical Marketing Architects developing clear, accurate information that aims to provide you with the fastest path to understanding, evaluating, and deploying the Carbon Black Cloud platform. But if you are not able to quickly find the information that you're looking for, then my efforts are futile.

To help solve the problem of content discoverability, I've started writing the Monthly What's New Digest for VMware Carbon black which is a cumulative collection of our monthly what's new series. This blog post is a Single pane of Glass that'll help you get access to all the great content resources that we design in one single location. Content Discovery is no longer challenging!!

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