Carbon Black Workload Architecture

Carbon Black Cloud Workload Architecture Overview

Carbon Black Cloud Workload consists of a few key components that interact with each other.

Carbon Black Cloud Workload Appliance

Carbon Black Cloud Workload appliance is an on-premises-based control point that acts as a liaison between vCenter Server and Carbon Black Cloud. The appliance collects the workload inventory data from the vCenter Server and shares the data with Carbon Black Cloud.

Carbon Black Cloud Workload Plug-In

The Carbon Black Cloud Workload Plug-in provides improved life-cycle management and real-time visibility directly in the vCenter Server. The plug-in provides direct visibility into processes and network connections running on a given virtual machine. The Carbon Black Cloud Workload Plug-in works in concert with the Carbon Black Cloud to provide visibility and control for the entire security team.

vCenter Server

vCenter Server is used to gather inventory data from your data center. The collected inventory data is used for security assignments. The Carbon Black Cloud Workload Plug-in is made available in your vCenter Server for direct visibility.

Carbon Black Cloud

Carbon Black Cloud is a cloud-native service that consolidates multiple workload security capabilities, using a single easy-to-use console. Different teams like Infrastructure and InfoSec can have a single, shared source of truth to improve the security together.

Carbon Black Launcher

To minimize your deployment efforts, a lightweight Carbon Black launcher is made available with VMware Tools. When you enable Carbon Black in your data center, the silent installation is triggered where the launcher downloads and installs the Carbon Black sensor on the virtual machine.

You can enable Carbon Black on Windows and Linux VMs.

  • Windows Virtual Machines: For Windows VMs, the Carbon Black launcher is packaged with VMware Tools. To receive the launcher for your workloads, you must install or upgrade VMware Tools to version 11.2 or later.
  • Linux Virtual Machines: For Linux VMs, you must manually install the launcher available at VMware Tools Operating System Specific Packages (OSPs). Download and install Carbon Black launcher for your guest operating system from the package repository at

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For more information about Workload Protection, explore the Mastering Workload Protection Path. The activity path provides step-by-step guidance to help you increase your understanding of Carbon Workload Protection, including articles, videos, and labs.

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