App Control 8.10 Server and 8.9 Mac Agent

What’s New in VMware Carbon Black App Control?

Vulnerability Detection, updated guidance for deploying the Server on Azure, Amazon Web Services and Private Clouds and a refreshed, easier to read User Interface (UI) on the App Control console are just a few of the new features and product enhancements available to you with the release of App Control 8.10 Server and Mac 8.90 Agent.

What does this mean for you?

Enhancements and new features in the 8.10 Server include:

The Updated OER (Operating Environment Requirements) now contains guidance for those who want to protect your Azure, AWS and Private Clouds with App Control.

Server UI Refresh – You will see new colors, fonts, and icons improving the ‘look and feel’ of the console. We've made the dashboard responsive so as you resize your browser window the widgets within the dashboard will expand and contract with the browser window. We've also made accessibility enhancements including being able to use the console without a mouse.

Vulnerability Detection – This new feature provides you with additional visibility regarding the security and integrity of applications within an environment. The console can now detect and identify CVEs associated with Windows applications in your environment.

Countersigned Certificate Approvals – You asked for this enhancement, and we are happy to provide it! In situations where a countersigned certificate is missing on an endpoint, rather than find and install that certificate on the endpoint or jump through hoops to approve it, you can now approve the certificate directly within the App Control console.

Communication Key Rotation Scheduler – In response to your feedback, you can now see and choose the date when the next communication key rotation happens in the console.

Enhancements for the 8.9.0 Mac Agent include

IPv6 Support – The latest Mac agent now supports network environments that are IPv6 only. This is in addition to the already supported IPv4 and mixed IPv4/IPv6 environments. 

Additional Trusted Publisher Settings Support If you have constraints and restrictions around publisher certificates that can be used for approving files, the Mac agent now supports additional settings for configuring Trusted Publisher. These include setting a minimum certificate key size for publisher approvals and excluding publisher approvals for specific certificate algorithms.

For more information about these releases please follow the links below for each respective product. 

8.10 Server Download and Documentation Links

8.9.0 Mac Download & Documentation Links 

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