August 15, 2023

VMware Carbon Black Unveils Alert Experience Enhancements

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, where business opportunities flourish, the dark underbelly of new cyber challenges looms. As businesses expand across distributed networks, so do the avenues for malicious actors to breach defenses. Among these, endpoints stand as a critical attack vector that malevolent entities exploit to infiltrate your network's core.

The sheer volume of these attacks is staggering, and what's more concerning is their swift evolution in sophistication. This dangerous combination, compounded by a shortage of highly skilled security analysts, places businesses in a precarious position. The scarcity of security experts, when combined with the deluge of data to be processed, can lead to a phenomenon known as "alert fatigue." This, in turn, increases the likelihood of crucial opportunities to thwart attacks early slipping through the cracks.

In response to this pressing issue, VMware Carbon Black is thrilled to announce substantial enhancements to our Alerts experience. Your concerns were heard, and we've responded with features that are set to transform your security operations. These enhancements are rolling out today, August 16th, 2023.

The upcoming enhancements encompass a range of features designed to provide unparalleled visibility and control over your alerts:

New Alert Metadata: Introducing an array of new alert metadata, including process command line and username, parent and child process information, netconn data, additional device fields, MITRE categorization where applicable, and much more.

Customizable Alert Facets and Table Columns: We are putting the power in your hands with new customizable alert facets and table columns, ensuring that your alerts are presented in a way that aligns perfectly with your operational needs.

Enhanced Grouped Alerts Management: Streamline your workflow with improved management of grouped alerts. Our enhanced group-by ThreatID view allows for more efficient handling of alerts, giving your security operations center (SOC) team an edge in managing triage.

In-Product Alert Workflow Management: Tackle alert management head-on with the ability to mark alerts as "In Progress." This dynamic feature streamlines alert triage, providing your SOC team with a structured framework for efficient action.

True Positive and False Positive Classification: Make accurate determinations with ease by classifying alerts as true positives or false positives, refining your response strategy and focusing resources where they matter most.

Enhanced Note Management: Elevate collaboration and clarity with improved note management. You'll now be able to add notes to individual alerts as well as threats grouped by ThreatID, ensuring critical information is readily available to your team.

Enhanced Alert History Visibility: Gain deeper insights into alert dynamics with enhanced alert history visibility. Track alert state transitions, comments, determinations, closure information, and other essential elements in a comprehensive display.

These enhancements mark a pivotal moment in alert management within the VMware Carbon Black Cloud. By streamlining alert triage and alleviating alert fatigue, these features empower your security analysts to focus on strategic decision-making and actionable insights. For further detail on these feature enhancements please review the Carbon Black Release Notes or review the User Guide documentation. Two new overview videos will be available in the next week. Check back for updates.

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