It Ain't Over - Imagine That - The Best of VMworld 2021 Security Sessions at your Fingertips

October 20, 2021

First of all, a big shoutout and congratulations to all of us on successful VMworld 2021

We had over 1,700 security professionals who tuned in to experience our Security Track to learn about all our security innovations and how we can help them face their toughest security challenges. We offered a comprehensive track of 97 activities including breakout sessions, hands-on labs, demos, and interactive experiences. If you missed this global experience, you can still access 900+ sessions, simulated labs, demo zones, and visionary keynotes that offer the ideas and solutions necessary to transform your business.

You and your colleagues can still catch VMworld’s on-demand sessions. All these sessions are available for free. Simply search the VMworld On-Demand Video Library via session, title, keywords, or presenter. You can also access this vast body of resources through your My VMworld account, where you can explore them at your convenience. 

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Don't have an account? Create a free account and dive in! The on-demand content is ready and is waiting for you! 

Missed our recaps? Catch up on the latest with VMworld 2021 Day 1 Highlights: Accelerate Innovation and VMworld 2021 Day 2 Highlights: Imagine That

Access the Best of Carbon Black Endpoint Protection Sessions:

Popular Endpoint Breakout Sessions:
  • How to Improve Your Endpoint Security and Simplify Your Workflows - (SEC2662)
  • How to Prevent Ransomware Attacks: A Look into the Attack Landscape and Prevention with VMware Carbon Black - ( SEC2659 )
  • Ground Truth: From Threat Research to Prevention - (SEC2668)
  • Better Secure Remote Workers with VMware Carbon Black Cloud - (SEC2666)

Get the Best of Workloads and Containers Sessions:

Interesting Workload and Container Sessions:
  • Introduction to Better Securing Workloads in AWS - (SEC2591)
  • Cloud Workload Protection, Simplified - (SEC2601)
  • Cloud Workload Security and Protection on VMware Cloud - (SEC1296)
  • Innovations in Better Securing Modern Applications - (SEC2597)
  • Trends and Innovations for Security Distributed Workforces (SEC2661)
  • Kubernetes Security Posture Management - (SEC2602)

VMworld and Code Connect Sessions

Operationalizing Carbon Black Cloud for the Modern SOC

Operationalizing Carbon Black Cloud for the Modern SOC - 1148 -The demo leverages the Carbon Black Cloud Python SDK with a Jupyter Notebook to implement common Context, Remediation, and Orchestration SOAR actions. End-to-end security workflows, such as credential scraping and malware, tie these actions together.

Integrating IBM QRadar with Carbon Black Cloud

Integrating IBM QRadar with Carbon Black Cloud - CODE2781 

Automating Ransomware Remediation

Automating Ransomware Remediation with the VMware Carbon Black Cloud SDK - CODE2782

Experience the Best of VMworld 2021 Security Sessions:
Whether you’re seeking insights on top trends or exploring ways to accelerate your multi-cloud journey, it’s all here.

Top 10 Security Sessions (by attendance) 
  • Trends and Innovations for Securing the Distributed Workforce (SEC2661
  • A Practical Approach for End-to-End Zero Trust (SEC2733)
  • Innovations in Ransomware Defense for Today’s Multi-Cloud Environments (SEC2608)
  • Innovations in Better Securing Modern Applications (SEC2597
  • XDR: The Next Frontier (SEC2586
  • Mount a Robust Defense in Depth Strategy Against Ransomware (SEC1287
  • Innovations in Securing Public Cloud (SEC2709
  • VMware on VMware: Zero Trust Security Story (SEC2715
  • Security is Important, Said No Developer Ever (SEC2607
  • Network Security Made Easy: An Architectural View with Demonstrations (SEC2604
Top Stories in Security from VMworld 2021 
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