Improve Visibility to Your Containerized Workloads

February 15, 2023

New Dashboard for Improved Visibility 

SOC teams are constantly inundated with event violations and alerts. For these violations to be actionable, there needs to be context behind these events, what policies they violate, and what the source is behind this anomalous behavior.   

With the newly redesigned dashboard in VMware Carbon Black Container for events violations, SOC teams have increased visibility and are able to narrow their focus instead of seeing an overwhelming number of events.  

The newly designed dashboard for events violations will include: 

  • An overview of trends with a high-level view of your environment  
  • Anomalous behavior  
  • Policies and groups customized to your needs 


With the ability to create custom groupings such as “Top Clusters” or “Top Rules”, the segmented dashboard will help pinpoint areas that might need attention, highlighting key issues for faster, more actionable insights. The goal of this feature is to reduce friction by providing a simpler and more efficient way for security teams to operate. 

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